Portugal is one of the first countries with visas for “Digital Nomads”

Last October 30th, the Portuguese law that creates visas for digital nomads in Portugal came into effect. The diploma brings the possibility for a professional from another country to work remotely in Portugal for one year. With this new law, it is expressly established the possibility of obtaining a temporary residence or residence visa for the exercise of a subordinate or independent professional activity, provided remotely to an individual or legal entity with residence or head office outside Portugal.

To apply for this visa, it is necessary:

– Proof of tax residence;
– Proof of income of at least 3040,00 euros per month;
– Subordinate activity: employment contract or promise of employment contract, or a declaration from the employer proving the employment relationship;
– Independent activity: company contract or service contract or written proposal of service contract or document demonstrating services provided to one or more entities.

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