Attendance of documents and visas related to stay in portuguese territory

Due to the alteration introduced by art. 2 of Decree-Law 90/2022, of December 30, documents and visas related to a stay in national territory, whose validity expired after February 29, 2020, will continue to be accepted until December 31, 2023, or afterwards, if the holder proves that he/she has already scheduled the respective renewal of the title.

However, this legislative change does not apply to documents (staying in the national territory) issued under the temporary protection regime to persons displaced from Ukraine as a result of the armed conflicts experienced in that country.

This measure arises not only from the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has provoked a significant impact on the scheduling of appointments and attendance to the general public, which has consequently resulted in an increase in pending situations both in terms of granting and renewing residence permits, but also aims to ensure the validity of documents relating to the stay in national territory, while the transition of competencies, in administrative matters, is underway within the restructuring of the Portuguese Border and Immigration Service.

The diploma also provides for the extension until December 31, 2023 of the transitional regime for the recognition and exchange of driving licenses issued by the United Kingdom to citizens residing in Portugal.

This measure thus aims to ensure the recognition of driving licenses and parking cards for people with disabilities issued by the UK, pending the conclusion of the bilateral agreement between Portugal and the UK.

January 2023

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