Practice Areas

Intellectual Property Law is one of the law firm’s areas of expertise, which counts on its team with a specialized lawyer in this field, with more than 30 years of experience, professor and speaker in several courses, seminars and congresses and with several works published on themes of this legal branch.

This law firm develops, since its Foundation, a judicial and extrajudicial intensive activity, focused on trademarks, patents, designs and models, designations of origin and copyrights. It provides legal advice services and preparation of agreements and contracts that involve the protection of intellectual property rights (publishing contracts, contracts for production and audiovisual production, contracts for advertising creation, software license agreements, trademarks and patents, etc.), at national, European and international levels; industrial property rights registries (trademarks, designs or industrial models, patents, domain names, etc.) at national, European and international level; legal representation of its clients in administrative and judicial procedures related with the violation of intellectual property rights before the national, European and international bodies (National Institute of Industrial Property, European Union Intellectual Property Office, World Intellectual Property Organization).

Tax Law is one of YBOM’s main areas of activity and expertise, which has a specialized team, composed of lawyers with experience in tax litigation, both in the Tax Courts and in arbitration, with prominent publications in the area and who work as professors in the area in several Universities and Higher Institutes and who are frequently requested to participate in conferences and seminars.

YBOM ensures the monitoring and representation of the client before the Tax Administration and Social Security in tax procedures (complaints, hierarchical appeals, reimbursement requests, requests for the review of tax acts, monitoring and representation of the client before the Tax and Customs Authority offices and Social Security Institute in tax enforcement procedures, among others) and also in tax claims, assuming the representation of private or business clients in any litigation through the judicial system (in the Administrative and Tax Courts) or through arbitration, at the Administrative Arbitration Center (CAAD).

Commercial and Corporate Law is one of YBOM’s main areas of expertise, which has a team with extensive experience and expertise in legal advice in commercial, national and international contracting, in the constitution and transformation of companies, in the preparation of various corporate transactions and tax litigation.

Within the scope of this activity sector, we provide several legal services to our Clients:

  • Analysis and preparation of commercial contracts, namely, purchase and sale contracts, agency, franchise contracts, finance lease contracts, among others;
  • Constitution and registration of commercial companies;
  • Transformation, merge, splitting and acquisition of companies;
  • Follow-up and preparation of General Meetings;
  • Acquisition and sale of shareholdings and shareholder agreements;
  • Management responsability;
  • Clients’ representation before the competent public services (Competition Authority, Market and Securities Commission; Civil, Land and Commercial Registry Conservatories, Credit Institutions and Financial Companies, among others);
  • Corporate governance and compliance.

In the area of Insolvency and Corporate Recovery, YBOM provides follow-up and representation services for private or business clients in filing for insolvency and recovery requests, collaborating in the preparation of the recovery and revitalization plans submitted by its clients.

The team working on these processes has extensive experience in insolvencies and company recoveries, following the various processes of this nature. One of the partners is a university professor in the area and has relevant publications and participates in several congresses and conferences on these matters.

YBOM also assumes an intervening role in safeguarding its clients’ credits, carrying out due diligence in the various processes:

  • Insolvency process;
  • Special Recovery Process (PER);
  • Special Payment Agreement Process (PEAP);
  • Extrajudicial Regime for Corporate Recovery (RERE);
  • Extraordinary Company Viability Process (PEVE)

YBOM has a versatile and experienced team with regard to matters related to immigration (requests for the granting of visas and temporary and permanent residence permits) and requests for the acquisition of Portuguese nationality, with special emphasis on requests for the acquisition of Portuguese nationality by descendency from Sephardic Jews, having been one of the first offices to work with these processes.

The company has hundreds of clients and partners from different parts of the world, with extensive experience in handling these processes.

Within the services practiced in this area, we highlight the following:

  •   Residence Permit for the Exercise of Investment Activity (Golden Visa);
  • Residence permit for the exercise of professional activity (subordinate or independent);
  • Residence Permit for Entrepreneurial Immigrants (Startup Visa);
  • Residence card for family members of EU citizens;
  • Non-Habitual Resident Status;
  • Requests for attribution of Tax Number, Portuguese Citizen Card and Portuguese Passport;
  • Application for Portuguese nationality of Sephardic Jews;
  • Application for Portuguese nationality by descendency;
  • Request for Portuguese nationality by entering into a marriage with Portuguese;
  • Application for Portuguese nationality of citizens of the former Portuguese territories in India;
  • Family Reunification;
  • Representation of our clients with the competent Portuguese services (Civil Registry Offices, Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF), Tax and Customs Authority, among others);
  • Transcription of Marriages Celebrated Abroad;
  • Visas (D2; D7, among others).

YBOM team is dedicated to dealing with issues related to Civil Liability, that is, repairing the damage that a person or entity causes to another. In this way, YBOM has a team of professionals specialized in this area, from the litigation department of an Insurance Company, which gives them a wide experience. It is differentiating in the following areas:

– Road Accidents, with emphasis on the major claims for bodily damages;

– Monitoring and out-of-court claims management;

– Damage caused by floods;

– Damage caused by medical or hospital negligence;

– Damage caused by civil works;

– Activation of Legal Protection Insurance to defend the Client;

– Activation of Life Insurance;

– Legal advice and consultancy in the Insurance and Mediation activity.

YBOM works in the most varied areas of Civil Law, having extensive experience in the analysis and conclusion of contracts of various types (purchase and sale, renting, civil work contract, loan, service provision, etc.), as well as representation of its Clients in lawsuits for non-compliance with obligations, recognition of rights, among others.

YBOM has a team of lawyers dedicated to the banking and financial area, counting among its clients Banks and Financial Companies.

It also stands out in the area of Credit Recovery, collaborating with asset recovery companies. Our team is dynamic and entrepreneurial, working with large credit portfolios and with assigned credit, in the context of banking litigation. Experts in the areas of:

– Credit recovery (judicial and extrajudicial);

– Treatment of mass litigation (declarative and executive actions);

– Consumer credit and leasing contracts;

– Claims for insolvency claims;

– Judicial representation in the resolution of financial and banking disputes;

– Treatment of undue centralizations at the Portuguese Central Bank (Banco de Portugal);

– Judicial representation in the area of economic and financial crime.

The YBOM team provides legal advisory services in real estate transactions, such as purchase and sale, leasing for housing and commercial leasing and their vicissitudes (contract resolutions, evictions) and constitution of other real rights in real estate and land registrations.

The law firm also supports its clients in the various real estate investment transactions, following up on the conclusion of legal transactions, from contacts with real estate agencies to the scheduling and formalization of notarial acts.

The YBOM team provides legal advice to public and private entities in the most diverse areas of Administrative Law. One of our Lawyers is a well recognized professionally in this area, with extensive experience regarding these matters, including representation of public and private entities in the various procedures and administrative processes, public procurement, expropriation, local law, environment and urbanism.

YBOM is prepared to represent its Clients in various matters related to Family and Succession Law, namely: consensual and litigious divorces, separation of people and assets, regulation of parental responsibilities, adoptions, judicial and extrajudicial sharing of assets, inventories, accountability, wills, donations.

YBOM guarantees a complete and personalized follow-up of Clients by its highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in these matters.

YBOM provides legal advice in all areas of Labour Law, both for employees and for the daily monitoring of the internal human resources management structures of corporate Clients. It deals with the exercise of disciplinary actions, the preparation and monitoring of collective and individual dismissals, the signing of agreements to terminate employment contracts, also assuming judicial representation in actions arising from employment contracts and accidents at work, among other issues that can arise in this area.

YBOM is also focused on resolving issues in matters related to Registry and Notarial affairs, with experience in the preparation and monitoring of:

  • Recognition of simple signatures and with special mentions;
  • Certification of photocopies and documents;
  • Authentication terms;
  • Powers of attorney;
  • Translations and translation certification;
  • Instruction and monitoring of notarial deeds;
  • Preparation and registration of commercial and corporate acts (constitution, transformation, merger, spin-offs and dissolution of any type of commercial company; constitution, amendment of statutes and other acts in Associations and Foundations);
  • Central Register of the Effective Beneficiary;
  • Registration of real estate acquisitions, constitution and modification of rights;
  • Wills and inheritance deeds;
  • Civil registry (marriages, deaths, among others);
  • Apostille.

YBOM is prepared to represent its Clients in the most complex legal and arbitration disputes, over the various areas of practice in which it works (commercial, intellectual property, administrative and tax, labor, criminal and administrative, civil and credit recovery), acting with diligence, dedication and technical competence in the various processes in which it intervenes:

  • Judicial representation and legal advice in filing of lawsuits in the various areas of practice;
  • Precautionary measures;
  • Enforcement actions;
  • Criminal Proceedings and Administrative Offenses;
  • Intervention in arbitrations in the most diverse areas;
  • Alternative dispute resolution.

YBOM provides legal advice in all areas of European Union and International Law, namely in the representation and safeguarding of its clients’ rights with the various European and International bodies, such Chambers of Commerce and Courts, in every type of cases in the area of European and International Law.

YBOM operates at a cross-border level, working in a network with a set of internationally recognized offices cooperating jointly and reciprocally in the defense and protection of its Clients’ interests, both in Member States of the European Union and in non-EU States on all continents.

YBOM provides legal advice in matters related to the Media, the Internet and Information Technologies, especially in the assistance to electronic commerce, whether from the point of view of preparation, verification of the legal procedures of websites, ensuring control of the compliance with the rules relating to electronic commerce, as well as the protection of users’ interests.

We also work on the preparation, draft and negotiation of contracts related to the digital world, information technology and the internet, as well as the protection of personal data in this context and the protection of copyright in a digital context.

Following the development trends of the digital world, YBOM also operates in the area of ​​e-sports, providing legal advice to organizations (teams and clubs) and athletes, collaborating in the preparation and monitoring of contracts with athletes, sponsors and suppliers, representation and image rights, among others.

YBOM provides legal advice to its Clients, both in support of the protection of personal data (compliance with legal requirements in terms of databases and data protection), carrying out control procedures to verify compliance with national and international standards in data protection matters, namely GDPR.

YBOM also represents its clients before the bodies that accredit and guarantee the control and compliance with the rules on data protection, privacy and cybersecurity, namely before the CNPD and ASAE. In this context, YBOM also ensures the representation of its Clients in different types of proceedings related to these matters: civil proceedings, criminal proceedings and administrative offense proceedings.

YBOM provides legal support to individuals as well as companies from different sectors of activity within the scope of its relationship with consumers, being qualified both for extrajudicial advice and for the representation of its Clients in litigation related to consumer matters, especially in the scope of e-commerce.

YBOM is prepared to act in the mediation of conflicts, as an alternative instrument to the judicial route, less expensive and faster than the judicial route in the dispute settlement in different areas, namely labour, family, commercial, civil and administrative law. One of its lawyers has been a certified conflict mediator since 2013, having experience in monitoring the parties involved in negotiations and concluding agreements.