General Conditions of Service Provision


We strive to provide the highest quality services, aware of our duty to care for the interests of each Client, within the scope of the mandate given to us and within the limits imposed by law and professional ethics.

We will inform the Client about which partner and associates are responsible for monitoring each matter, without prejudice to certain services that may be provided by other partners or associates.

Information on the evolution of each process will be provided on a regular basis. Clients may, whenever they wish, request information on their subjects.

Because we trust in the quality of our services, we are sure to be able to solve, in accordance with the society’s normal practice and procedures, any difficulties that may arise in our relations with Customers.

Acceptance of a mandate cannot be understood as involving any promise or guarantee of success. However, our Clients will always be informed about our opinion regarding the merits of their causes.

Fees and Other Charges

Our fees will be calculated in accordance with the terms of the Bar Association Statute.

Such calculation will be based on the time spent, namely, with the study of the factual and legal aspects of each subject, with the analysis and preparation of letters, requirements, contracts or agreements and other documents, telephone contacts, meetings, travel, judgments, preparation pleadings and any other actions carried out in the interest of the Client.
The Client will be informed of the amount / hour billed by the partner and associates responsible for each subject. Such values ​​may be periodically updated.
In addition to the hourly basis, our fees will be calculated to reflect other factors, such as urgency, the complexity of the matter, the level of responsibility involved, the amount involved, services provided outside normal hours, etc., and, still, the result obtained.

The amount of our fees refers only to the provision of legal services. They do not include the other costs involved, namely travel and subsistence, secretariat, photocopies, translations, travel expenses, searches, etc.
Such other charges will be accounted for in accordance with our tables in force (of which the Client, if willing, may have prior knowledge) and will appear in the account statement that will be sent when the process is closed.
The amount of our fees also does not include any payments made on behalf of the Client, namely those related to fees, legal and other fees, services provided by third parties, etc.

Any estimate of fees and costs should be understood as a mere indicative reference, which does not bind us, unless there is a written agreement in a different sense. This is because each subject is unique and may be subject to unexpected developments.


Unless otherwise agreed, a single invoice will be issued after each process is closed. Until then, the Client will be asked to send provisions, in the amount deemed necessary. Payments will be documented in legal terms.
Provisions must be paid as soon as requested. We reserve the right not to continue the matter until payment is made.

In the event that the requested provisions are not punctually paid or there are unpaid invoices for other Client processes, we also reserve the right to cease the provision of services, denouncing the mandate, even if judicial, and the send our final accounts (invoices) for all open cases.
Regarding invoices not paid within the legal term, we will bring the pertinent actions directed at the collection of the amounts due and, also, the interest on arrears legally due.

In the absence of an agreement, Clients will be able to obtain from the Bar Association an opinion regarding the fairness of our final accounts.

Clients Account

The cash amounts belonging to the Clients are deposited in a separate bank account and do not bear interest.


We ensure the strict confidentiality of our relations with Customers. Unless otherwise expressly instructed, we will use e-mail to communicate with Customers and third parties, although this is not a totally secure means of communication.

Document Archive

Unless otherwise agreed, at the end of each process we will return to the Client the documents that he requests and in which he has a legitimate interest; the rest will be archived for a period of two years, after which they will be destroyed.
During the filing period, the Customer may also have access to such documentation. Whenever their availability implies a review of processes, correspondence or other services, we reserve the right to charge the time spent.

Data Protection

As part of the services we provide, we intend to provide our Clients with information that may be of interest to them, namely on legal changes, holding events, such as seminars, etc. To this end, we will save and use the necessary data. If the Customer does not wish his data to be used for this purpose, he must inform us. In the absence of information, we will assume that there is consent.

Portuguese Law

The present general conditions have been prepared and are subject to Portuguese law, which will regulate the cases omitted therein.
Without prejudice to the powers that the law attributes to the Bar Association, the only competent forum to settle any conflicts between the company and a Client, which cannot be resolved amicably, will be the competent judicial court of Porto.