Informative note on the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

As a result of the armed conflict in Ukraine, which have led to the abandonment of a considerable part of the population residing in that territory, seeking refuge and assistance in several European countries during the period of instability, the Portuguese Council of Ministers published last March 1, 2022, the resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 29-A/2022, which establishes a set of measures for the protection of Ukrainian citizens, and their families, living in Ukraine.

A residence permit can be granted in Portugal, under the temporary protection regime, for a period of one year, with the possibility of being extended twice, for a period of six months each, to all citizens of Ukrainian nationality and their family members (relatives, spouses or unmarried partners) who came from that country and who cannot return there due to the current state of war, which can be proven by any means of proof available to them, including a Ukrainian passport, birth certificate or marriage certificate proving family ties. In addition to being granted a residence permit, the request for temporary protection implies that the applicant will automatically be given a tax identification number, social security number, national health number, and registration with the Portuguese Institute for Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP), thus ensuring access to essential public services.

The form is available online:
– Portuguese version
– English version
– Ukranian version

In terms of employment, the “Portugal for Ukraine” initiative sponsored by IEFP aims to support the integration of Ukrainian citizens in the labor market, gathering and disseminating job offers in Portugal, in various sectors of activity. Portuguese language learning courses are also provided to Ukrainian citizens.

The measures enacted in this resolution of the Council of Ministers also give the beneficiaries of the temporary protection regime the right to be provided with proper accommodation, and in the event that they do not have the resources to ensure their subsistence, they are guaranteed the necessary support in terms of social benefits and adequate means of subsistence.

The resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 29-D/2022 extended the scope of application of the temporary protection regime to foreign citizens of other nationalities or stateless persons benefiting from international protection in Ukraine, coming from that country and unable to return there as a result of the war situation there. And also those who prove to be permanent residents in Ukraine, or have a temporary residence permit, or benefit from a long-stay visa aimed at obtaining this type of permit and whose safe and lasting return to their country of origin is not possible.

In addition to the support disclosed by the Portuguese Government, several other public and private entities have developed several initiatives to support Ukrainian refugee citizens, such as the support platform “We Help Ukraine”, which allows to provide or request support in several areas, including accommodation and transportation support, psychological, medical and legal support, among other possibilities, taking into account the needs evidenced.

In that light, YBOM, aware of the seriousness of the consequences of this humanitarian crisis, makes available to all those who have been directly affected by the armed conflict and who so require the support and legal services that are appropriate in this context.

14 March 2022

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